Software Process

/// Integration
b.lo is designed to integrate complex Service Provider IT infrastructure. It is deployed on distributed architecture using Linux Operation System. End users and administrators access the platform through supported browser.

Network Element

b.lo natively embeds multi-vendor collection plugins. They are deployed on mobile, fixed and core network to collect raw data. New plugins can be added in less than 8 weeks. Existing plugins are usually robust enough to adapt vendors upgrades. Contact us to know the list of available vendors and technologies.


Network performance management relies on analyzing specific clusters of nodes and services. b.lo connects to your referential and network engineers build their cluster based on geographical areas, common list of network element and specific attribute. Clusters building is processed on the fly or scheduled.

User rights

b.lo is based on modules and resources. For example, the KPI builder is a module, and the 4G national health-check report is a resource. End-users access modules and resources accordingly to their rights.

/// Custom integration

b.lo architecture easily adapts to specific demands. Our process and business experience combined to our pragmatical ways, sidestep the usual pitfalls of software development.

In Tandem

Our experience in telecom and software is the best guarantee for quick and relevant development that fit your specific needs. We discuss budgets, timelines, and technical choices to make the most of your data.

Telecom expertise

Clients quickly come to rely on our telecom expertise to improve their network quality and automate internal process. Business meetings with your network experts replace huge software specification which seldom fulfill underlying needs.


Custom projects are part of long-term relationship with our clients. They benefit our continuous software intelligence.

/// Technical training

LivingObjects complements its software product offer with a large palette of professional services delivered by its skilled Professional Experts & Partner Services (PEPS) team.