The company

LivingObjects is a French company based in Toulouse. We prefer expertise over size. Join our highly qualified team in a demanding and collaborative technical environment.

Our product

b.lo is a software platform used by operators to understand what happens when the quality of Fixed and Mobile networks deteriorates.

Technical workspace

A distributed architecture

The software design is micro-service oriented. Thanks to a distributed architecture and queuing message strategy, b.lo platform can embed several hundred thousand of elements. The team has gradually developed a culture of excellence in continuous integration.

Huge set of data

Our customers are operators. It means that they have a lot, a lot, a lot of data. Key triggers for success are : Smooth UI workflow to browse the data. Fast data access and processing. Finding the right IA algorithms to face system quality performance challenges.

Committed team

The work ahead is both impressive and exciting because the technical environment is demanding and horizon is open. For the success of b.lo and the team building, we foster a culture of excellence where everyone achieves their full potential.

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