What is important for us ?

Grasp an issue rather than wait for someone else to do it

The team is a source of fulfillment and mutual support

Everyday life is no obstacle to reinventing ourselves

Only a satisfied customer allows us to continue doing what we love to do

What do we love ?

Deepdiving into new software stuff

The software craftmanship manifest

Greta Thunberg

A good internet connection and mobile communication

The dashboard of the Tesla… When it’s not buggy

Who are we ?

We know what is a Best Server and a SRVCC.

Software craftsmen & women

And we also take care of running the engine when customers ask,
so they just have to take care of their business.

Some faces

Anthony Coutrin,
Full stack dev
The Giant
Stéphane Benoist,
Team leader
The Voice
Bertrand LeMarec,
On duty pain in the ass
Stéphane Vaissière,
The Wiseman

Let’s Talk