Network Analytics Platform

  Built for Service Provider. Scalable to millions devices.
Loaded with network operation expertise.
Deployed on Tier1 Service Providers.
Used by thousands of people.
/// Data science
If knowing is half the battle, in the theater of Service Providers network, storage and retrieval are the other half.


b.lo embeds the necessary toolbox to detect and prioritize slow degradation and confirm quality of Network operations: Multi-KPI threshold, SLA on peak time, filtering rules, baseline behavior, outliers.


Non-linear regression models deliver long-term traffic prediction for each Network Element. Network engineers easily build their peak time definition based on KPIs and clustering.


When business rules become to complex to be implemented and managed, machine learning is the best way to capitalize experience on your network operations.

/// Interactive Visualization
Working alongside our client performance team, we build b.lo modules to share experience through teams, automate daily operations and improve reactivity on detected problem. The generic modules applies to the domains our client decide to embed.


Explanatory lean tells a predetermined story to share experience and help team be more reactive.Sizing GGC – Google CacheAutomatic neighbor relations suppressAutomatic neighbor relationsSPGW healthcheckCross Feeder detectionPerformance per roamer country


Interactive controls allow users to explore and discover patterns in complex datasets.


From projections of specific locations to business modeling, maps are a powerful insight to turn into actions.

/// Data management
If knowing is half the battle, in the theater of Service Providers networks, data storage and retrieval are the other half.


On the shell plugins collect and normalize, in real time, any data from your heterogeneous network.

  • Techno : 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, IP, ADSL, FTTH, IMS, transport, IP TV, XDR, …
  • Vendor : Nokia, Huawei, Cisco, Ericson, …
  • Protocol : csv, snmp V2/V3, Netflow/IPfix, …


  • User accounts > 1 000
  • Network nodes > 1 000 000
  • CDR per day > 10 000 000
  • Counters per day > 10 000 000 000

Typical report < 10 s


Data warehouse or third party tools collect data throught external API using web services.

/// Use cases

That’s what we solve when b.lo is in your network (Just some examples)

Reports the services causing the rise of traffic on the core network.

Reports and manages quality for a mobile phone fleet of an enterprise customer.

Automates tasks for mobile network optimization team.

Predicts a customer satisfaction score based on technical KPIs.

Reports the core traffic redirected to Google cache.

Assess network operation quality based on before-after performance templates.